Sound Healing

Sound work is an ancient method of balancing energy with the use of resonating tools.

The benefits include but are not limited to releasing stress and anxiety, inducing a meditative state, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, regulating the vagus nerve (longest cranial nerve in the body that influences speech, breath, heartbeat and digestion), and it can raise your vibration, boosting your immune system and overall well-being.

It’s an excellent way to help recalibrate from traumas, panic attacks, and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Private Crystal Sound Bath

Receive your own private sound bath with crystal singing bowls. Intentions and goals will be discussed. Lesley’s intuitive approach will integrate vocals to enhance the frequencies of the bowls. Depending on your sensitivity, other energy methods may be included such as tuning forks or Reiki.

60 minutes $111

Group Crystal Sound Baths

Create a gathering for your friends and loved ones and receive a personalized crystal sound bath to support the highest intentions for your event. Group sound baths can accommodate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so much more. To inspire your own event, attend one of Lesley’s crystal sound baths near you!

Please contact me for a custom quote.

I experienced a private session with her and I was taken to a very deep level of relaxation where I knew deep healing was occurring on a cellular level.

I have never experienced sound healing quite like this–truly unique!
– Maryna Allan

This was by far the most spiritual experience I ever had.

I felt Lesley’s soul through her angelic voice. I was filled with gratitude to be a part of this experience. And would recommend it to anyone looking for true enlightenment. Thanks and much gratitude! Namaste
– Rome

Tuning Fork Session

This offering is intended to recharge your energy using tuning forks, held directly over energy channels or chakras. Once struck against an activator, the tuning fork is then held in various positions and passed over the entire body to direct the frequencies. This is a wonderful offering on its own or as an add-on to other services like massage or organic facials for balancing and rejuvenation.

30 minutes $45
45 minutes $60

Lesley’s singing bowl meditation was a first for me and my biggest worry was whether I would get bored sitting for a whole hour. The bowls have a soothing sound but when Lesley added the vocals, I kept thinking “wow, wow, wow!!”

She has an” other worldly” voice that is mesmerizing and is a perfect match for the crystal bowls.

I was surprised at how the time flew by and how refreshed I felt afterward. Yes, I’m a believer in the healing power of sound. I’m hooked.
– Rebecca M.

The sound of the bowls was unlike anything I ever heard before. It was more like a wave of vibration that penetrated my ears as well as my body.

I felt very comforted by the sound, like in the womb of my own body. There was singing that then put me in a sort of trance…in a good way.

I had some visions of white lights, and spirals. I don’t know why… When the healing was finished I could hardly move…. in a exhausting happiness. The stress from earlier in the day was erased. I was cleansed!
– Carleigh D.


Lesley Almer has immersed herself in the natural healing arts since 2002 as a Holistic Bodyworker. She is a Sound Practitioner, licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician, and a certified Energy Worker, Holistic Health Practitioner, and registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

Lesley is the author of the publication Manifest Your Successful Natural Healing Business: A Handbook For Bodyworkers, Aestheticians, & Natural Healers Of The World, as well as a recording artist for her meditation album Awakening Your Inner Shaman: A Guided Shamanic Journey.

As the founder of The REMLA Method™of Sound, Lesley facilitates a variety of self-care workshops and crystal sound baths. She creates sacred space in her practice in Seal Beach, California called Universal Touch, for those who seek balance and transformation in their lives.