Organic Facials

All of the organic facials listed below are customized to your skin type and any concerns you may have with the condition of your skin. Lesley uses a cutting-edge organic, wild-crafted and botanically based skin care line that is free from synthetic chemicals, nourishes and repairs your skin. All facials come with steam and expert extractions unless otherwise requested. Please disclose all allergies and sensitivities prior to your session. Thank you!


the youthful aging facial 75 minutes

Great for individuals who desire to grow younger by energizing their cells and receiving extra pampering. Facial cupping is used to relieve tired eyes and promote cellular detox. Every minute of this facial will enhance your child-like energies, making you shine.

the signature facial 60 minutes

Great for individuals who desire to rejuvenate their skin as well as release their neck and shoulder tension. It's sixty-minutes of heaven that will recharge your energies and allow you to tackle all the worries of tomorrow with ease.



the essential holistic facial 45 minutes

Great for individuals with tight schedules who want to focus on a deep cleanse of their pores and maintain their skin health. When the pampering of your skin is complete, a brief neck rub will fuel energy for the rest of your day.

the acne repair facial 45 minutes

Great for all individuals who experience problematic skin, congestion, cysts, and a strong desire to reduce inflammation and create a healthy and confident complexion.



the essential back facial 45 minutes

Great for individuals who require the removal of hard-to-reach congested pores in order to reveal a fresh, clear and confident canvas for beachgoers to admire.

"The anti-aging facial was ahhh-mazing! Lesley used organic products that totally gave my face a new life. Thank you Lesley for being so informative and attentive to ensure that I got the most out of my session. See you soon!"

-Monica F.

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