About Lesley Almer & Universal Touch

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”

When an individual chooses to look at them self through observation and reflection, and get to know their pain, they will find the root cause.  The ultimate question that hangs in how quickly one will recover is: Will I make the necessary changes in my life to get better, or will I ignore it? 

Some individuals don’t get the opportunity to answer the question at all.  Their bodies revolt in a painful mantra, reverberating a chronic pulse of suffering that interrupts every moment of their day.  Multiply those days by years and some will feel hopelessness and admit defeat. However, the question still remains, and it will continue to whisper in their hearts until they embrace the correct answer:

I will make changes.

Whispers followed me all throughout my childhood, and haunted me into adulthood.  I didn’t want to listen. Suppression was my answer for decades, until my body decided for me.  For twenty years, panic attacks controlled my everyday life, and I was lost in a spiral of undiagnosed abdominal pain, skin problems, digestive issues, and Hashimoto Thyroiditis.  If one would have told me in 2007 that I would eventually become a Holistic Practitioner and a Crystal Sound Healer, I would have cringed in fear.

It’s amazing to think how in one decade, I managed to transform into the person I am today, free from all the conditions that shadowed my daily life back then. It was hard work. It forced me to step out of my box, observe through micro and macro-sized lenses of my Self. What I got in return was my life back.

My transformation made such a huge impact, that I immersed myself in the natural healing arts. I began as a massage therapist in 2002, and over the years of study, added many other hats to my career: Aesthetician, Energy Worker, Shaman, Sound Practitioner, and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Learning these modalities has given me the gift of empowerment. I am a living example that you can be in the driver’s seat of your own life. All you have to do is understand the tools of the trade, know your worth, then buckle up and go for the ride!

When a person has tools, or options, the possibilities are endless!

When I look back, I remember how I surrounded myself with a very talented team of natural healers to get me through. When I searched for a professional I looked for compassion, great listening skills, and someone who was prompt and respected my time, yet didn’t make me feel like I was on an assembly-line. All of these characteristics I took to heart.

After having launched my own business Universal Touch in 2012, I was determined to offer a similar, high quality level of guidance and variety in modalities to help others along their paths. With every session, I offer a safe and neutral space for others to experience their transformations on any scale. I know that one modality does not work for everyone. We are all unique beings and that deserves respect.

When I consult a client over the phone and they’re uncertain of the service to book, I introduce my natural healing toolbox and see what resonates with them. I listen with all my senses and from an intuitive approach, we choose the most appropriate modality to begin. A massage appointment can lead to energy work, which can lead to Holistic Health guidance, while each service is customized towards one’s best interest.

It’s fascinating to see how one service blossoms into many others. From back pain, to skin problems, to huge life changes or loss of direction, I know I can help guide them out of that chaotic cloud of confusion, and encourage them to form stepping stones down a path of their own choosing.


We work together.


We all have ultimate goals, although we may not know what options are out there, nor have the support to make it happen. For this reason, I’m always learning, always evolving, and always wanting to understand the complexities of the body versus energy, nutrients, emotions, and environment. I extend myself to tap into current knowledge and introduce that into my practice. I’m a teacher and a student.

Every year that passes, I add to my collection of natural healing modalities because it brings depth to what I’ve learned.

With each modality I assimilate, it opens another door to the intricacies of the human body and reveals a wealth of information: how it functions physically, energetically, and emotionally and how they all tie together in one beautiful heart-string that plays the song of life, sound wellness.

If you feel you’ve hit a monotonous plateau in your own song or it sounds like it’s off-key, allow me to help you.  

Browse through my offerings page and get in touch with me to book your session.

I will not only guide you to your first step of sound wellness, I will help you feel empowered to reconnect with the whispers of your heart.  Aren’t you curious in what it has to say?

The Meaning of

I chose the name Universal Touch because of its ambiguity. The Universe fascinates me because it began from what seems like nothing. We are stardust, it’s the root of how we came to be…very few elements. In the other context, Universal means “applicable to all cases.” The natural healing modalities I offer tie into this universal umbrella. Touch is the word that links this ambiguity to how I present it to the world: my massage touch, my facial touch, my energetic touch, and even how my words touch a person’s mind or heart.

The one heart-string that connects everything I do and everything I am as a practitioner in this field, and whom I give the utmost credit to, is my guardian angel, Evangeline. Sometimes I see her as a helping hand, other times I see her as my higher self. She is the essence and the driving force behind it all. I honor her and included her angel symbol inside my mandala logo. Once too embarrassed to admit our bond, I now find comfort in sharing the deeper relations I have with the multi-dimensional layers of being. Life is too short to accommodate others by dimming my light. I choose not only to be a conduit, but to spark the flame that resides in all who come across my path.


Lesley Almer has immersed herself in the natural healing arts since 2002 as a Holistic Bodyworker. She is a Sound Practitioner, licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician, and a certified Energy Worker, Holistic Health Practitioner, and registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

Lesley is the author of the publication Manifest Your Successful Natural Healing Business: A Handbook For Bodyworkers, Aestheticians, & Natural Healers Of The World, as well as a recording artist for her meditation album Awakening Your Inner Shaman: A Guided Shamanic Journey.

As the founder of The REMLA Method™of Sound, Lesley facilitates a variety of self-care workshops and crystal sound baths. She creates sacred space in her practice in Seal Beach, California called Universal Touch, for those who seek balance and transformation in their lives.

My experience at Lesley’s crystal bowl healing was far more than a healing or letting go of negative energy but rather a rebirth of myself.

Never have I felt such powerful emotions that came about with such an enchanting voice that sung out beautiful words with true meaning. At the end of the session I was in tears. These were the tears that allowed me to release the negativity in my life and move onto a more spiritually positive path. Lesley, thank you sooo very much!!
– Nicole M.